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Elle Fanning To Appear in a New "Hideo Kojima Game"

The mystery is solved – the silhouette in the image teasing a new Kojima Productions project turns out to be Elle Fanning.

Maleficent and The Great star Elle Fanning will appear in Hideo Kojima's new game, Kojima Productions confirmed at PAX Australia 2022.

The first image teasing the new project appeared during Tokyo Game Show in September. At that time, the studio's merchandise booth at the event featured a QR code that when scanned led people to a mysterious image on the Kojima Productions website featuring a female character with her face darkened with the caption "Who Am I?".

While some fans suggested that the woman in the image could be Margaret Qualley, who played Mama in Death Stranding, others believed that the silhouette belongs to Elle Fanning.

Kojima kept fans intrigued for some time. Earlier this week he teased the portrait again saying that "The answer to 'WHO' at Tokyo Game Show will be in the next 'WHERE'", which followed up a day later with the question, "Where am I?".

This "where" turned out to be PAX Australia 2022, where the studio's booth featured a "Where am I" poster accompanied by a QR code which led to a website linked to Kojima Productions which reveals the silhouette to be Elle Fanning. In case, fans still have any doubts, the side of the revealing portrait reads "A Hideo Kojima Game x Elle Fanning."

It is still, however, unclear what project the image is teasing. In December last year, Kojima revealed that his studio is working on two different projects. One of them is believed to be Death Stranding 2 as the original game's actor, Norman Reedus, confirmed the existence of the sequel in May. Meanwhile, the second title is reportedly going to be a horror game supposedly titled Overdose.

What we know for sure from the official announcements, is that Kojima is currently creating a new game for Xbox that, according to him, will be a completely new project that "no one has ever experienced or seen before" and that the designer and his studio continue to have "a very good partnership with PlayStation." 

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