Embark Studios Shared A Look At Their Procedural Tools

Check out a new post from the team discussing how to use proceduralism and machine learning for game development. 

The Embark team has recently shared a new post on how they use proceduralism and machine learning to streamline production. The team believes that content creation is about to change radically.

"Better gaming hardware has allowed games to become much larger, more pretty, and more intricate over the past decades. But the way we create games hasn’t kept up," wrote Rob Runesson. "Games have become way more complex to build, but the tools and workflows we apply aren’t that different from what we used back in the late 90s."

The team thinks that with new technology, better tools, and new mindset artists don't have to "understand shaders, polygons, or how to optimize performance to create great games."

They've decided to focus on removing as many manual tasks from their workflows as possible. "For instance, we have completely revamped our photogrammetry workflow to create high-fidelity environments." The team created a one-click tool that fully automates the photogrammetry process allowing artists to turn high-resolution scan data into finished in-game assets with the click of a button.

Make sure to read the full post here with a behind-the-scenes look at some of their procedural tools.

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