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Encounter Epic Bosses & Diverse Biomes in this Hand-painted 2D ARPG

With its range of "mini games and hidden items", the game constantly offers new adventures besides stylized action combats, from sandwich making and raptor racing to treasure hunting. 
Alchimia Studios, an indie game developer currently crafting the 2D Action RPG, Echoes of the Stars, has recently given us a glimpse into their vibrant game world. The captivating footage above showcases an NPC, presumably Eldric who is one of the protagonists, teleporting seamlessly through multiple magic portals. The compelling graphics certainly grab our attention. Now, let's delve deeper into this intriguing game.

Image credit: Alchimia Studios, Echoes of the Stars

Image credit: Alchimia Studios, Echoes of the Stars

Echoes of the Stars invites you on an epic journey with Rin, a princess deeply committed to her kingdom, and Eldric, a modest blacksmith's apprentice harboring a secret past. The narrative delves into profound themes of humanity and the power of gods.

Image credit: Alchimia Studios, Echoes of the Stars

As an engaging role-playing game, Echoes of the Stars places significant emphasis on stylized action combat, which forms the heart of the gameplay. In the game, you can dodge and teleport using high mobility skills. Switch characters on-the-fly to deploy ranged attacks as an archer, or engage in close combat as a battlemage. You can further customize characters with a tech tree and create custom combos.
The game also consistently surprises you with its plethora of "mini games and hidden items". There's always something new to unearth. You can test your skills as a sandwich artist, participate in thrilling raptor races, or embark on quests to uncover the world's greatest treasures.

Image credit: Alchimia Studios, Echoes of the Stars

Image credit: Alchimia Studios, Echoes of the Stars

Adding to the game's richness is a wide array of tracks, composed by Thomas Sequoia Kratochvil, which evoke a sense of nostalgia.

The game is set to launch later this year, and currently it offers a demo on Steam. Give it a try if you find it interesting and feel free to follow the developer on Twitter to be updated. 

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