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Enjoy the Thrill of Old Rally Games in this Nostalgic Car Combat Game

Hop in your customized car, arm them with weapons, and traverse the desolate wastelands.

In a gaming world teeming with various genres, vehicular combat games hold a special appeal for many. Take games like Twisted Metal and Carmageddon, for instance. These classics kicked off the whole vehicular combat thing, mixing fast-paced racing with some serious combat action, really showing us how thrilling this kind of game can be.

Image Credit: : FUMES team, FUMES

One game that's really keeping the spirit of this genre alive is FUMES, a coming single-player game with a keen sense of nostalgia. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of vehicular combat games, FUMES offers straightforward, fast-paced, and intense gameplay.

Take a look at its main features:

  • Drive customizable cars. Equip them with weapons.
  • Experience driving physics inspired by old rally games.
  • Encounter waves of enemies. Get involved in the chase of destruction.

  • Customize your car. Choose loadout to fit your combat style. Slap some stickers on.
  • Earn new cars and parts by beating bosses.
  • No loading screens. No fast travel. Just use your car.

  • Slow down after the fight, go for a ride and inhale the FUMES.
  • Get lost in the desert. Wander endless, procedural environments.
  • Listen to the original, guitar-heavy soundtrack.

Image Credit: : FUMES team, FUMES

FUMES is all about keeping things simple and exciting. It equips gamers with a car and a selection of weapons before launching them into vast wastelands teeming with foes. As you traverse the dystopian environment, you're free to gather scrap and use it to enhance your vehicle's capabilities.

Image Credit: : FUMES team, FUMES

The game also radiates a distinct "retro" aesthetic. From the designs of the cars to the general gameplay mechanics, FUMES exudes a nostalgic quality that invites you to reminisce about the early days of gaming. At the same time, it delivers a contemporary gaming experience that keeps you engaged and entertained.

Image Credit: : FUMES team, FUMES

A demo of the game is available for you to give it a try on Steam. Be sure to add it to your wishlist while you're there. Also, the developers have shared a roadmap of planned features, which is definitely worth checking out:

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