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EVERYWHERE Will Not Use Blockchain or NFTs, Build A Rocket Boy Says

The studio confirmed that its debut project will not be built using blockchain technology and will not include NFTs.

During a recent preview event for the press, Build A Rocket Boy, the studio founded by former GTA boss Leslie Benzies, has confirmed that its debut project, EVERYWHERE, will not be built on blockchain technology and will not incorporate NFTs.

In an interview with IGN, the company explained why it had chosen to steer clear of the controversial technology.

"We don't need it, is the basic point," the studio's Chief Development Officer Mick Hocking said. "Blockchain and NFTs are useful when you want to take content outside of your walled garden and go onto an exchange or to go between products. [In EVERYWHERE] everything is within our world, so players can share content, they can create content, we don't need the technology. So why implement it?"

The confirmation was made following rumors about the game's connection to Web 3.0 which started circulating after the game was unveiled at gamescom 2022.

At the time, various people on social media noticed that several blockchain positions (like a blockchain senior backend programmer, blockchain smart contract developer, and blockchain test engineer) had appeared on the Build A Rocket Boy website.

However, the developer quickly addressed those allegations saying that the job openings were only for some research positions. The studio also mentioned that the game is being built "on Unreal Engine 5, not the blockchain," although it did not explicitly state whether NFTs would be included in the game. Nonetheless, this recent announcement puts to rest any possibility of a cryptocurrency-based approach.

Apart from the confirmation that its project will not use blockchain and NFTs, Build A Rocket Boy also revealed MindsEye, an AAA action game that is coming to EVERYWHERE. According to the developer, it will be a narrative-focused game taking place in a realm of "futuristic corporations, conspiracy theories, and sinister new technologies." Additionally, the studio emphasized that while MindsEye will be included in EVERYWHERE, the two are separate AAA products.

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