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Explore this Casual Game Set in A Hopeful Post-Apocalypse World

“Life is simple: no combat, no death, no timer, just you, your van, and the world.”

Caravan SandWitch

What comes to mind when you hear the term "open world?" Is it the vast scale, immersive realism, and exceptional detail found in GTA? Or perhaps it's the futuristic aesthetics of Cyberpunk 2077's Night City? These games have unique charms that attract many players, myself included. In GTA 5, for example, one of my favorite things to do is to hop in a taxi and roam around the city or chase a sunset near the Pacific Ocean.

The game we want to highlight today is Caravan SandWitch, a casual exploration game in which you drive a van across a world reminiscent of a Sci-Fi version of Provence.

Your goal in the game is to find your missing sister. As the adventure unfolds, you'll need to upgrade your van to access uncharted passages and ancient ruins. Whether you're navigating dangerous landscapes or uncovering remnants of past civilizations, each step in your journey brings you closer to solving the mystery of your sister's disappearance.

"From a verdant planet turned arid due to human activities and over-exploitation, discover the impact of humankind and its population on Cigalo during your road trip. Meet the Reinetos, an ancient aboriginal species, the robots abandoned after the planet's exploitation, the humans who remained after everyone else left for another planet, and the mysterious SandWitch. All coexist peacefully on Cigalo, assisting each other in this inhospitable environment."

Caravan SandWitch

Caravan SandWitch

The developer, Studio Plane Toast, has shared their intent behind creating this game. They hope it will be a game:

"where everyone can feel included, representing their vision of a world where communities help each other to overcome the environmental consequences of our world."

The game is slated for a launch later this year and a free demo is available on Steam. If it piques your interest, don't forget to add it to your wishlist.

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