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Extended Tutorials for Acquiring the Mastery in Substance 3D

Today we've gathered a list of tutorials that aim to empower art skills and unveil cutting-edge techniques for working in Substance 3D Painter and Designer.  

In this Introduction to Substance 3D Painter series, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to get started with Substance 3D Painter. The first part will get you familiar with the commonly used tools, and in the second part, you'll texture a real-world asset. The mentors will guide you through the essential texture practices. The creators of this course have worked as Senior Texture Artists in the film industry, having painted textures on Batman V Superman, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and Venom. 

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This course is prepared by Charlie "Chunck" Trafagander, a freelance game artist and creator of educational content for artists. The course unveils the best techniques for working in Substance 3D Designer. You'll deep dive into the structures of procedurality, as well as its conventions and shortcomings. This series will flesh out the knowledge of physically-based rendering and the specific texture maps that this system requires. To complement all of the theory, you will get hands-on experience developing high-quality material from scratch.

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In this Substance 3D Painter tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to paint realistic human skin from scratch. The series starts off by laying down a quick base with only a few colors, which are then refined as you progress. The mentors will also cover how to paint roughness and bump maps, to greatly increase realism. Then you'll dive deep into the fundamentals of color theory, and learn how to use a few simple colors to paint stunning skin textures. The course contains 9 video tutorial files, starting point spp-file, a final result spp-file, and a color swatch.

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The course is created by Keegan Keene, a freelance texture artist. The mentor walks you through the process of creating a trim sheet using only Substance Designer, and utilization of the trim sheet, as well as the final presentation.

The mentor notes that trim sheets are a fundamental tool in the arsenal of artists, that speeds up iteration time, allows for rapid changes, and can even allow to texture an entire scene with one texture. The techniques you will learn in this tutorial will enable you to start creating your own trim sheets and begin applying them to your projects. The course includes over 2 hours of content and references. 

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In this course you’ll learn how to texture a character face from scratch in Substance 3D Painter, and will understand the full workflow from the first brush stroke to the final tweaks of the skin shader. The mentors add that by the end of this course, the creatives will be able to texture their own characters, using simple and powerful techniques. You'll go through facial contouring, makeup, micro detailing, character personality, and common texturing challenges. The course is prepared by Henning Sanden, an experienced 3D Artist, that worked on movies such as Alien Covenant, Pirates of the Caribbean, Venom, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Batman V Superman, and more. 

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