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Fallout 2 Character Sprites Turned Into Realistic People

The creator utilized the Stable Diffusion AI to give pixelated sprites more life than ever before.

If you are a fan of Black Isle's original Fallout games, this marvelous project will most certainly make you shed a single nostalgia tear and return to the golden era of isometric RPGs. Reddit user Misha_Vozduh recently presented a sizable collection of Fallout 2's pixelated character sprites turned into realistic-looking people with the help of Stable Diffusion.

Using the AI's image-to-image capabilities coupled with higher denoise, the creator turned both generic NPC models and those of unique characters into lifelike people, imagining how some of them would look like IRL. And although some of the models produced by the Redditor differ from the in-game character descriptions and/or their talking heads, Lynette, for example, the overall result still looks impressive and not that far from the original.

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