Fluid Simulation Set Up in Augmented Reality

Lee Vermeulen presented one more experiment with fluid physics in AR.
Lee Vermeulen, a Game Developer and Co-Founder of a Canadian development studio Alientrap Games, presented yet another awesome-looking experiment with physics in augmented reality. This time the developer has managed to set up a fluid simulation AR that allows one to manipulate the particles a play around with them. What's more, the author added the ability to spray the gooey particles by pinching two fingers on the right hand and hold it telekinesis-like with your left hand.

To create the simulation, the artist utilized ZibraAI's Zibra Liquids, a cross-platform GPU-based plug-in for real-time fluid physics simulation and rendering. For those unaware, Zibra Liquids is a robust tool powered by artificial intelligence-based technology for neural object representations to automatically set up the interaction of 3D objects of arbitrary shape with different types of fluids. You can learn more about the plug-in here.

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