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Foundry Is Bringing Modo to Broader Audience

The company shared the changes awaiting the software.

Foundry shared its plans for Modo, a 3D modeling and rendering software, in a live stream.

The team is now working on Modo alone, with the development of Colorway and another, unnamed, product stopped. As the three were a part of Foundry’s Enterprise Design, it means the developers from all of them are now focused on Modo only.

Another major change is Foundry's wish to attract a broader audience to Modo. Product manager Greg Brown described the current strategy as "Modo for everyone" as "focusing on a specific industry isn’t the direction that 3D is going".

As noticed by CG Channel, the software’s ray tracing renderer mPath is being superseded, after its veteran developers Allen Hastings and Joe Angell left the company. Foundry has not decided on a new native renderer, and it's planning to develop a new API to make Modo connect more easily to external renderers

The team's eventual aim is to implement support for Hydra to unify viewport and final-quality rendering.

In addition, Foundry is going to reduce updates to "one big official marketed release per year", with the next one happening in summer, supplemented with incremental updates.

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