Foundry Launched Mari 7.0

You can bake texture maps inside Mari and enjoy USD updates and workflow improvements.

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Foundry has released Mari 7.0, the latest version of the 3D texture painting software, bringing multiple improvements to your workflow.

As promised in October, it comes with the Bakery tool, which allows you to bake geometry-based texture maps, including curvatures, displacements, and occlusions, inside the software. 

Furthermore, Mari's Node Graph also received improvements: you can easily sever connections and shake to disconnect nodes. Aside from that, your working processes are now simpler and faster with an additional 60 grunge maps, a revamped Automatic Project Backup system, and USD enhancements. The USD importer has become more artist-friendly and should reduce pipeline friction.

The release adds two new procedural texturing nodes, Bubbles and Camouflage. The first will help you make a variety of procedural patterns from cells or hexagons, which is great for creating geometric textures. Camouflage, on the other hand, blends two noise patterns to produce a spotty effect.

In addition, Foundry introduced updates to Chaos V-Ray and Autodesk Arnold shaders. Now, you can clearly see what you'll get in the final render so quick changes can be made with less effort.

To make sure your studio works right with the software, get the new team licensing, which enables organization admins to remotely manage the usage of licenses for Mari. Such subscriptions cost $1,119/year, while individual plans cost $86/month or $689/year. 

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