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Foundry Releases Modo 15.2

The final of three releases in the Modo 15 series has finally been released.

Foundry has released Modo 15.2, the latest version of Modo’s powerful and flexible 3D modeling, animation, texturing, and rendering toolset, and the last of the three linked releases that now form the Modo 15 Series. The entire series comes with 40 new features and enhancements like OmniHaul, MeshFusion, Curve Booleans, Primitive Slice, and many more.

The new features from the 15 series:

  • Direct Modeling: New additions to the 15 series include Curve Booleans, many enhancements to geometry booleans, and Unsubdivide. Primitive Slice offers exciting new ways to slice and generate geometry with curves and presets and edge subdivide gives artists the controls they need to quickly refine topology.
  • Procedural Modeling: The 15 series has added support for Deferred and Paused Evaluation, Loop Slice, and the new MeshFusion workflow. The Merge Mesh MeshOp has been updated to allow for merging from any location in a stack. Geodesic Distance and Set Vertex Normals are two handy new nodes that can now be leveraged for powerful procedural workflows.
  • Rendering & Shading: Users can now navigate through a scene within the standard render window, including the ability to “look around” similar to game navigation. Dispersion is also now supported in mPath with minimal effect on render times, even with the depth of field enabled. Render Booleans are also now part of mPath.
  • Workflow and User Experience: OmniHaul provides customizable, gesture-based control for tools and channels directly in the 3D viewport. Match Existing Groups for the PBR Loader helps make assigning textures a breeze. Enhanced boolean functionality, expanded preset capabilities and the new MeshFusion workflow introduces a completely new interaction paradigm.
  • Performance and Continuity: The support for Python 3 and QT5 has been included. The MeshFusion Workflow overhaul addresses performance from a workflow and design perspective making MeshFusion a more joyful experience. Deferred and Paused Evaluation improves interactivity for MeshOps and Deformers, reducing performance bottlenecks.
  • And much more!

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