Fully Hand-Keyed Animation of Girl Unsheathing Her Sword

Martin Chang shared a small new project.

Game animator Martin Chang has presented a nice Maya-made rig depicting a girl unsheathing her sword in an intricate motion. The animation is hand-keyed entirely, and no cloth simulation has been used. The model of the girl was taken from Sasaca, an artist specializing in avatars for VRChat.

"It's nice to do a short and cute animation after last year's project," shared Chang.

In the comments, the creator explained how they ensured the sword wouldn't clip though the sheath:

"Sword default world space
Set FK arm to IK
Set IK to sword space
Set sword to saya space

The sword now easily interpolates between different positions relative to saya while being drawn. Add keys as necessary to prevent clipping. Only about 4 keys were needed for this anim."

This awesome rig couldn't leave other artists indifferent, and soon it received some effects on top:

You might have seen one of Chang's works on 80 Level before: a tank practicing martial arts is hard to forget, after all.

Here are some other notable projects you can find on the artist's X/Twitter.

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