Fun Retro Rogue-Inspired Dungeon Crawler for Amiga

RogueCraft is what you expect from old-school crawlers and more.

If you miss the simple gameplay of Rogue, the mother of all roguelikes, take some time to explore the depths of RogueCraft, an upcoming retro turn-based dungeon crawler where you fight enemies and try to find great treasure – everything you've missed about old games. 

Image credit: Badger Punch Games

Roguecraft brings the genre back to its roots. You get one life and countless levels, every one of them different to make your runs always fresh. To make it even more authentic, the developer Badger Punch Games will launch it for Commodore Amiga so you get the full old-school experience.

"You have been searching for this dungeon since you stumbled upon the legend in an ancient Egyptian library many years ago. It started with the rumor of an ancient dark being and a magic amulet. The legend tells of a wakening and of horrors to come. Your search carried you across the world, one riddle at a time."

Image credit: Badger Punch Games

The features that will help you delve into nostalgia:

  • Procedural generated levels.
  • Unique experience for each playthrough.
  • Quick sessions – most games last 30-40 minutes.
  • Glorious pixelated graphics.
  • Lovely music by Jogeir Liljedahl.

Image credit: Badger Punch Games

RogueCraft is an improved version of Rogue64, Badger Punch Games' roguelike for Commodore 64. It now has a different, more complex art style and enhanced gameplay. 

RogueCraft is not fully released yet, but you can try a demo to see if you like it. As I've mentioned before, you'll need an Amiga or an emulator, like WinUAE for Windows and FS-UAE for macOS.

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