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Funny Game Development Mistakes That Affected Performance

Developers have shared some humorous stories about the performance-related blunders they encountered while developing games.

In recent days, multiple Game Developers from different studios shared their humorous anecdotes about the blunders that they encountered while developing games, which affected one thing that is always at the top of any development studio's priority list – performance.

The trend was started around a week ago by a Digital Artist known as datbx, who published a Twitter post showcasing something that can truly frighten both gamers and game developers alike – a 16-million-polygon 3D poptart model created for VRChat.

Responding to the performance-hindering monstrosity shared by datbx, Riot Games Producer Tracy Kennedy shared a short story regarding the production process behind World of Warcraft's swampy Zangarmarsh location, explaining why it was barely playable at some point during development. According to Kennedy, who learned about this blunder from one of Overwatch's Art Directors, the location once had "horrific" performance issues due to the fact that Game Designers had downscaled the location's enormous tree-sized mushrooms and scattered them throughout the entire location.

Game Designer Alexander Brazie confirmed this story to be true, saying that the downscaled versions of the mushrooms also featured "pathing maps and collision":

Product Support Manager at Blizzard TheWizardGrimm continued the dicussion commenting that WoW's Dalaran also had its down-sized version once:

And Lead Encounter Designer at ZeniMax Online Studios thefinninator explained why cloning a light emitter to make a scene brighter is not a very bright idea:

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