GameMaker Is Now Available for Non-Commercial Use at No Cost

Indie developers can opt to pay a single fee of $99.99 for selling their game instead of a subscription.

Image credit: Finji, Chicory: A Colorful Tale

YoYo Games, the Scottish company behind the GameMaker Engine, has announced that it is now free to use for non-commercial purposes on all platforms except for consoles. This is great news for enthusiasts and anyone looking to improve their skills. Additionally, the current subscription model for the engine will be replaced by a one-time fee for commercial use. Those with an existing subscription can purchase a commercial license at a discount. These changes only apply to non-console developers, who can still access the engine via subscription. In addition, the company has made its asset bundles free as well. According to the company's FAQ, the commercial license will be priced at $99.99.

Russell Kay, Head of GameMaker, stated that these changes were a "Thank You!" to users. He also mentioned that since joining the Opera family, the engine has seen a "three-fold increase in active users" and an increase in published games on Kay also talked about the "awkward" moves by some companies to implement exploitative pricing. Well, he was probably talking about Unity, with its controversial actions.

"We have seen other platforms making awkward moves with their pricing and terms, so we thought, what if we did the opposite, something that could actually be good for developers? Our success is measured by the number of people making games!" he stated.

The updated pricing structure shows GameMaker's dedication to enhancing accessibility and flexibility in game development. There is a free version tailored for beginners, a one-time commercial fee available for those interested in trying it out, and a subscription-based enterprise tier that offers a flexible option for experienced developers and professionals.

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