Gamers Share Their Favorite Titles With Low Metacritic Scores

Just because critics didn't like them, doesn't mean that those games are bad.

When it comes to rating a piece of entertainment – be it a movie, a TV show, a video game, or anything else – there's sometimes a stark contrast between the opinions of critics and the audience, two groups that can have drastically different views about the same product.

While this divide is more noticeable in the movie industry, it's also prevalent in the realm of video games. Quite often, Metacritic scores illustrate this dichotomy perfectly, with critics condemning a game while gamers praise it, or vice versa.

Recently, a new trend has emerged on Twitter, celebrating video games that critics didn't appreciate for one reason or another. Kicked off by user Dreamboum, the trend encourages gamers to share their favorite titles with a Metacritic score lower than 75.

In just a few days, the original tweet accumulated hundreds of thousands of views, with multiple individuals spotlighting their low-score favorites. Today, let's take a look at some of the gaming gems highlighted as part of this trend and see which games people think were criticized unfairly:

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