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Get Your Hand Poses Right with New HAELE 3D Reference Tool

Ige Olwen provides artists with body parts.

References are artists' best friends, but sometimes it's tricky to find the pose that you need. Thankfully, Ige Olwen has your back, with Hand Poser recently released on Steam.

HAELE 3D – Hand Poser is a 3D anatomy reference app that comes with a variety of presets but, most importantly, allows you to adjust hands to achieve the pose you need. 

Image credit: Ige Olwen

You can change skin tones, backgrounds, lighting, camera settings, and materials to get the perfect hands for your next project, be it a game, a 2D drawing, a 3D model, an animation, or anything else. Make the hands small, big, young, old, wet, or even made of gold – leave it to your imagination and this app.

Image credit: Ige Olwen

Here are some of the features you'll find in the app:

  • Male and Female Hand Morphs: Choose from a variety of hand morphs to suit your artistic vision.
  • Preset Poses: Access a collection of ready-made hand poses for quick inspiration.
  • Custom Posing: Craft your own unique hand poses tailored to your artistic requirements.
  • Editable Lights: Control the atmosphere with adjustable lighting, including 1 Point light (color, intensity, transformation), Environment light (HDRI map, intensity), and Ground light (color, intensity).
  • Environment Options: Select from HDRI studio backgrounds, solid background colors, toggle floor visibility, and customize floor color and reflectivity.
  • Preset Skin Tones: Explore a range of predefined skin tones to enhance realism.
  • Adjustable Camera Settings: Fine-tune camera angles, locations, positions, and field of view for the perfect reference.
  • Save and Load Scenes: Save your setups for future use and load them at any time.
  • Load Presets: Quickly access predefined configurations to streamline your workflow.

Image credit: Ige Olwen

Ige Olwen also developed Feet Poser, which does more or less the same but for feet. 

If you need more materials on creating realistic characters, you might find these 80 Level Digests interesting:

Image credit: Ige Olwen

Get HAELE 3D – Hand Poser on Steam and join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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