Google Employees Formed a Union

A rare move for Silicon Valley sums up years of ongoing activism in the company. 

Over 400 hundred of Google staff formed a union which was revealed this Monday. Alphabet Workers Group was kept in secret for almost the whole of 2020 and has selected its leadership in December 2020. 

The key reason for forming the union was creating a tool to handle the pressure from the management and to help workers solve workplace issues. The statement of the union says: “We recognize our power as Alphabet workers—full-time employees, temporary employees, vendors, and contractors—comes from our solidarity with one another and our ability to collectively act to ensure that our workplace is equitable and Alphabet acts ethically”.

"Our goals go beyond the workplace questions of ‘Are people getting paid enough?’. Our issues are going much broader. It is a time where a union is an answer to these problems".

Chewy Shaw, an engineer at Google in the San Francisco Bay Area and the vice-chair of the union’s leadership council via The New York Times

Google’s director of people operations Kara Silverstein already commented on the news stating that the company “will continue engaging directly with all of their employees”. 

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