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GTA 5 Fans Mourn Undercover Agent Trevor DLC

Trevor's actor Steven Ogg shared some details about the campaign.

Image credit: Rockstar | GTA 5

While GTA 5 is 10 years old already and the next part is still far away, fans have no choice but to enjoy what they have. However, it's what they don't have that broke some hearts.

During a recent stream with GTA 5 actors, Steven Ogg, who plays Trevor, revealed some details about a canceled DLC that was supposed to tell a new story about the character.

In it, "James Bond Trevor" was an undercover agent working for FIB. "He's still kind of a f*ck up but he's doing his best," Ogg added. He also mentioned that Rockstar even shot "some stuff," but then it disappeared. "They went to GTA online, I believe, for that stuff," commented Ned Luke, who played Michael De Santa.

Alas, the footage will probably never surface together with the behind-the-scenes documentary Rockstar was shooting at one point.

The absence of Trevor DLC disappoints GTA fans. "Such a missed opportunity," said one of them. "Sounds like the actors had a lot of fun working on it." Seems like a lot of people are hungry for more, and it's understandable after all these years.

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