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GTA 6 Trailer Goes Back in Time

Matt Pilz watched the new teaser on old TVs.

The record-breaking trailer for GTA 6 still has everyone excited for the game that is far away from its launch. At the moment, it has 143 million views, as fans rewatch it again and again trying to catch all the references Rockstar left there. One of them is Lawrence Sullivan, a.k.a. Florida Joker, a person whose mugshot went viral in 2017 and who is now trying to get his fame back by calling out the developers for using his image as a reference for one of the characters in the trailer.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about or you want to look for other easter eggs Rockstar hid in the video, you should take a look at it again, but do it with style this time. Feel the breath of time together with Matt Pilz, software developer and technology enthusiast, who watched the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer on old TVs.

Image credit: Matt Pilz, Rockstar

Image credit: Matt Pilz, Rockstar

Pilz went back to 2002 and 1956 with Panasonic PV-C1322 and Admiral Super Cascode, and the results were better than expected. Surprisingly, the older TV sounds crispier to me, although the graphics look better in 2002, naturally. Overall, this experiment will put you in the right, nostalgic mood that may carry you through the agonizing wait until GTA 6 is out in 2025.

Pilz has many interesting videos about retro devices. For example, take a look at Michael Jackson's Thriller run with Atari:

There's more fun stuff on his YouTube channel, so check it out.

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