Hot Reload: A New Unity Tool That Lets You Change Code & See Updates in Real-Time

The tool allows you to edit any C# function and get immediate updates directly in your game.

Reese Leysen, the Director of the mobile game development studio The Naughty Cult, has announced the release of Hot Reload, a fantastic tool for Unity that enables you to edit any C# function and get immediate real-time updates in your game, completely removing the necessity to spend time on compiling.

Initially created as an in-house solution, Hot Reload allows for much quicker interactions and iterations and gives you the ability to make changes while the playmode is running, with near-instant compile times. According to the developer, the tool has been in development for three years and enabled the team to create and release their Mobile Minigames game much quicker than anticipated.

"After several years of using the product in our studio, we can confidently say that we have a hot reload product that just works – even on massive and complex projects," commented Leysen. "Our solution does not involve waiting for Unity to compile, nor a Domain Reload; all your in-game state stays exactly the way it is."

Hot Reload is available for free for all Unity Personal users, and Unity Plus/Pro/Enterprise users can get a 7-day free trial followed by free 2 hours a day of usage until the purchase. You can learn more and download the tool by clicking this link.

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    The creators of this tool have been running long-term ponzi schemes, scamming thousands of people in crypto and abused women in their cult. Search "The streamer who created a religion" on youtube to see more


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·

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