HTC to Sell Vive or the Entire Company
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by Shayne Byrne
39 min ago

Maybe they should focus on making their games they already have run a bit better first. There are many complaints about the game play in World of Tanks. The platoon aspect needs fixing so it is more fairly ranked.

>Evangelion on TV I see you're man of the culture, Thomas :)

give me some names. Who's doing great environment work with Unity these days? I'd be happy to interview anyone who's showing some cool stuff!

HTC to Sell Vive or the Entire Company
25 August, 2017

It seems that HTC is having a hard time dealing with its assets. The company is said to explore several paths for the future, according to Bloomberg‘s report. First of all, the team is considering spinning off or selling the Vive virtual reality business. HTC has already lowered the price of its Vive headset by $200, but that’s not all to know.

The company also thinks about selling the entire company. Finding a single buyer for all of HTC is not easy, so the company could sell its parts separately. 

To begin with, HTC’s latest flagship smartphone, the U11, is strong when it comes to performance and camera, but the design is poor next to Samsung and LG models. What is more, it is only sold by one major US carrier, Sprint, while Samsung and LG chose different strategy. HTC’s US marketshare is estimated to be a little over 2 percent. The U Ultra, the previous smartphone, received negative reviews and was never sold by US carriers.

The Vive, on the other hand, is said to be a bright spot for HTC, gaining sales of over 190,000 units in the first quarter. A standalone version of the Vive will be coming to China, and HTC is now working on a standalone VR headset that will work with Google’s virtual reality software.

Still, they are having troubles with the phone business. The next move for the company here is to manufacture the Google Pixel 2. Last year HTC produced both Pixel smartphones, but LG is said to be building the larger Pixel this time.

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