Hybrid Fabrics for Substance Source
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Hybrid Fabrics for Substance Source
18 July, 2017

Allegorithmic grows Source library with 32 fabrics with prints and a choice of 42 patterns in total. 29 of the Textile Collection fabrics were updated.

The guys from Allegorithmic have made a very nice addition to their collection of fabrics, which is available from Substance Source library. The first update includes a selection of 32 fabrics with prints and a choice of 42 patterns in total. Plus they’ve also added a selection of 29 of the original fabrics from the collection has been updated with the addition of a patterns parameter.

Creation in textiles is intimately linked to the design of patterns printed on the surface of the fabric. During the creation phases of clothes or accessories, the fabrics and patterns are selected independently of one another and the final result is really appreciable only when the concepts are produced.

With these new hybrid materials, we want to allow designers from the worlds of fashion, design and beyond to carry out these creative explorations directly with the Substance tools by combining the realism of scanned textiles and the creative freedom offered by the application of procedural effects.

Each asset includes:

• The choice of several selected patterns specially created to complement the fabric

• Size and orientation controls for the pattern

• Up to 4 color input slots for creating color associations

• Pattern application choices with a roughness control, metallic and independent normal value for each color slot of the pattern.

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