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ia scatter: A Great Tool for Scattering Meshes in Unreal Engine 5.1

The blueprint enables you to scatter instances of static meshes or blueprint actors on any surface in just a few clicks.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to populate your Unreal-powered 3D environments, here's a neat new tool that will help you get an appealing result without tedious manual placement. Check out ia scatter, a robust static mesh instance scattering blueprint for Unreal Engine 5.1, developed by Iraisynn Attinom. Currently in version 1.69, the tool can be used to scatter instances of static meshes or blueprint actors on any surface, allowing you to populate your scenes with any objects you want in just a few clicks.


  • Area, spline, planar, linear and point tracing options. 1D and omnidirectional
  • actor(blueprint) instancing
  • convex / concave detection mode
  • scale falloff gradient with ratio control
  • look-at rotation options and target (3d widget)
  • use spline from separate actor
  • apply spline rotation to instances
  • fixed instance distance along spline
  • tracing behavior based on physical material
  • ignore actors from trace (trace passethrough)
  • Avoid overlapping (2 methods) and instance minimum distance
  • Slope angle distribution
  • Included tool to convert scattered instances to actual scene actors
  • Scattering area can be rotated to face any direction
  • Separate instanced mesh relative scale
  • Complete instance rotation control with rotation snapping
  • Complete instance uniform and non uniform scale control
  • Align instances to normal
  • Instances distance from face (along normal)
  • Instance collision type selection
  • both construction script and event graph / runtime execution

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