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Jackson Clayton Proves That You Can Indeed Run DOOM in Fortnite

I mean, did anyone think otherwise?

Without delving into unnecessary details and retelling the origins and meaning of the "Can it run DOOM?" meme for the umpteenth time, let's explore Jackson Clayton's latest project, which has brought the iconic FPS into Fortnite.

As a talented UEFN Developer and Verse Programmer, Jackson used Epic Games' Unreal Editor for Fortnite to achieve this feat, merging DOOM's retro aesthetics and UI with Fortnite's building mechanics and showcasing the results with a neat demo embedded above. According to Jackson, this project helped him learn more about working with Materials and handling Post-Processing in UEFN.

Unfortunately, due to obvious copyright issues, Jackson's creation cannot be shared or made playable. However, even as a prototype, it does answer the question some, without a doubt, had: Yes, you can run DOOM in Fortnite. You can check out more of Jackson Clayton's UEFN projects by clicking this link.

Previously, we also saw DOOM running on...:

...living cells:

...DOOM 2:

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