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Jeff Grubb Is Tired of PlayStation Showcase Questions, Players Are Tired of Waiting

May is ending, and so is people's patience.

Image credit: PlayStation

Players have high expectations of the PlayStation Showcase, but there seems to be no sight of the event. Last year, it took place in May, and this time, insider Jeff Grubb said the same window applies. However, it's almost the end of the month already, but PlayStation hasn't announced any dates yet. Gamers are getting antsy and keep bothering Grubb incessantly, asking for more details. At the end of his tether, Grubb made a post on Twitter, politely asking, "Is May over, you [impatient people]?"

So when can we expect the PlayStation Showcase? Earlier, Xbox Era's Shpeshal Nick shared that May 28 might be the day. 

What makes everyone so excited about the event? As usual with such shows, players want to hear more about their favorite games and see some new reveals. The star of the show is said to be the Silent Hill 2 remake announced back in 2022. The game has already received ratings from ESRB following being rated in Korea.

IGN believes Metal Gear Solid Delta, the remake of the stealth game MGS 3: Snake Eater, might make an appearance.

There is also Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding 2, due for release next year. While we know we'll see real-time natural disasters and an assortment of great actors, the gameplay footage is still largely missing.

The sci-fi PVP multiplayer FPS Concord from Firewalk Studios is a possible contestant as well. It's supposed to launch this year, so the end of May is a great time to show players more.

Other than that, we might be treated by the Until Dawn remaster, the MultiVersus return (on May 28, by the way, so it could be another "launched right now" reveal), and there are rumors of God of War Ragnarök coming to Steam.

Who knows, maybe fans will finally get Bloodborne on PC? 

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