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Larian Promised to Fix an Issue with Shared Items in Baldur's Gate 3

In the meantime, Larian released the Hotfix 7, which solves several crashes and savegame issues.

Image credit: Larian, Baldur's Gate 3

On September 27, Larian Studios launched the Hotfix 7 for Baldur's Gate 3. The latest release resolves various issues that made the gamers' experience less pleasant. The enhancements include fixing crashes caused by corrupted item stacks, a savegame problem that occurred when transitioning to a new region while Withers' Wardrobe remained loaded in an old region, and many others.

Here is the full list of fixes implemented:


  • A crash that occurred when listening in on certain dialogues during multiplayer sessions has been resolved.
  • Crashes caused by corrupted item stacks, which could occur when unloading a level or transitioning to a new region, have been addressed.
  • A savegame issue that occurred when loading into a new region while Withers' Wardrobe was still loaded in an old region has been rectified.
  • A crash that would occur when loading savegames with potentially invalid items in the inventory has been resolved.
  • A savegame issue related to traps has been fixed.
  • Instances of duplicated characters and items caused by items being carried across two different cached levels have been eliminated.
  • The preview for the text background option now accurately adjusts its height when reducing the Dialogue Text Size.

The team also expressed their gratitude towards each and one for leaving feedback and sharing the issues that occurred during the gameplay and promised to continue releasing such hotfixes.

"We continue to look at your feedback and are preparing additional hotfixes for issues you've reported. This includes an issue with shared items when dismissing companions, which we are aware of and looking into. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about these issues, and thank you for playing Baldur's Gate 3," as Larian Studios stated.

Image credit: Larian, Baldur's Gate 3

Particular attention was paid to fixing the bug with shared items. This problem appeared after the release of the third patch. Due to this, all companion items are transferred to the main character's inventory when the character is removed from the party. This was not the only issue players had with the third patch. According to them, bugs appeared in character quests and dialogues, and the appearance of some characters changed. Some players also complained about censorship in intimate scenes.

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