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Leak Reveals Bethesda's Plans for Oblivion, Fallout 3 Remasters, New Doom & Dishonored 3

FTC vs. Microsoft trial is disclosing secrets again.

Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios | Fallout 3

The FTC vs. Microsoft trial is back in full swing, revealing more confidential information. This time, documents suggest studios like Bethesda Game Studios and id Software were (are?) working on a range of games, including a new Doom entry, Dishonored 3, and remasters for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3.

You will also see some titles that are already out. Naturally, not all of them were released when the developers planned, but the dates provided for the upcoming games give us at least a slight understanding of when we should expect The Elder Scrolls 6, for example (considering the delay with other names, I'd say 2026 at the earliest sounds right.)

Here are some of the most interesting releases stated in the document (via The Verge):

  • The Oblivion remaster (set for fiscal year 2022)
  • Starfield DLC (fiscal year 2022)
  • Doom Year Zero and DLC (fiscal year 2023) and a second set of DLC (fiscal year 2024)
  • The Fallout 3 remaster (fiscal year 2024)
  • A sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo (fiscal year 2024)
  • Dishonored 3 (fiscal year 2024)

In addition, there are codenamed games:

  • An Indiana Jones game (originally set for fiscal year 2022)
  • Project Kestrel (fiscal year 2023) and an expansion (fiscal year 2024)
  • Project Platinum (fiscal year 2023)
  • A "licensed IP game" (fiscal year 2024)

While the list is over from three years ago, before Microsoft bought ZeniMax, and the dates (and maybe some games even) might not be relevant anymore, this shows us what these studios have in mind and what we could get in the coming years.

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