Learn How to Make Marine Creature Entirely in Blender

From concept to cinematic render.

Image credit: Fábio Pacheco Paiva

Learning Blender is never too late, and here is your chance to master the software and get a cool marine creature at the end of the course by senior digital sculptor Fábio Pacheco Paiva.

He will teach you every step of character creation, showing Blender's interface, brushes, and workflow to achieve a highly detailed 3D model. You will go from the concept stage to the final cinematic render without the need for a separate 2D design phase.

In addition, you'll see how to make materials and textures and make them work together beautifully. Here is the outline of the course:

  • Blender Basics
  • Creature Design
  • Sculpting and Detailing
  • Texture & Material
  • Rendering & Presentation
  • Post-Processing

Image credit: Fábio Pacheco Paiva

"My tutorial stands out because I start right from the beginning using only Blender, pushing it to achieve remarkable results that might seem impossible to some – like creating highly detailed creatures," says the creator. "By avoiding any addons, it becomes even more accessible, allowing anyone to use this free tool for incredible creations. The tutorial provides an in-depth, hands-on approach, where I explain each step thoroughly. I simplify complex concepts, breaking them down into a natural and easy way of thinking. It also offers a solid foundation for those transitioning from ZBrush who may find Blender's UI and shortcuts overwhelming."

The course is suitable for artists of any level – from beginners to experienced Blender users. It is updated on a weekly basis and costs $69 while it's still ongoing. Once the course is completed, the price will jump to $89.

So find about 10 hours in your schedule, get Blender 3.5, and check out the course here. Also, join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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