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Merging Hardware & VR To Create An Immersive Car Control Experience

This fun and innovative project employs a rotary encoder and Arduino to capture rotational data and translate it into car movements in VR.

Employing a rotary encoder to steer a car in a VR environment, Haja Mydeen successfully connected it to an Arduino to capture rotational data and translate it into car movements, providing precise and intuitive control.

For those unaware, Arduino is a very popular open-source platform able to read various inputs and turn them into outputs with its own programming language, used for a wide range of purposes, from everyday objects to scientific tools.

As Haja Mydeen explains, he developed a script to handle data from the rotary encoder, translating it into smooth and responsive car steering in VR with Unity and C#, and configured Arduino to read the rotary encoder data and send it to Unity, ensuring real-time feedback.

Image Credits: Haja Mydeen

This creative project definitely showcases the exciting possibilities of combining VR and IoT hardware. If you're interested in more details or collaboration opportunities, the developer highly encourages to contact him on LinkedIn.

Also, if you want to see other experiments with remote control of digital output, check out this OSC-controlled foliage growth effect using Unreal Engine 5.4's Motion Design mode showcased by 3D Artist Arman Jangmiri:

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