Meta's Neural Wristband Will Be Launched "In The Next Few Years"

We might be able to type by thinking soon.

Would you like to interact with various apps and type messages with just a thought without any surgeries messing with your brain? You will be able to do all this and more in the future, according to Mark Zuckerberg, using Meta's neural wristband. This future is not that far away even, as he says his researchers are "close to having something here, to having a product in the next few years."

On the Morning Brew Daily show (via PC Gamer), Zuckerberg talked about the possibilities of tech progress and said that we would be able to type by simply thinking.

"There's all this extra signal that your brain can send that's not currently being used to move your fingers and in the future you will essentially be able to type or control something by thinking about how you want to move your hand."

Maybe Meta's wristband will be an accessory to help achieve this future. Presented a couple of years ago, it uses electromyography (EMG) to guide electrical signals from your brain to your fingers and enable finger tracking. It looks similar to what Apple's Vision Pro can do but is faster and more accurate.

For now, Zuckerberg expects to see a "completely private and discrete interface" one day so we would talk to other people or AI and receive responses in real time without anyone noticing.

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