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Meta Shows Off Possibilities of the Metaverse

Meta presented a new concept video demonstrating future possibilities of the metaverse and showing a futuristic headset design.

Meta has released a new concept video in which it once again presented its vision of the metaverse. The video entitled "The Impact Will Be Real" depicts the possible future uses of the metaverse, including immersive education, training, and healthcare.

It opens with a lecture hall where students use the metaverse capabilities in learning, shows a surgeon training in the virtual space before performing surgery on a real patient, and a group of school children who visit a virtual version of Ancient Rome.

With this new concept video, Meta tried to convey its idea of how many possibilities the metaverse may bring to society. "We believe the metaverse will connect people to new experiences," the company wrote on a dedicated page called "The Impact of the Metaverse". "From immersive education and training to new possibilities in healthcare and the workplace, and much more, we are excited about the positive benefits the metaverse will bring."
The video also demonstrates a futuristic version of a Meta headset which looks much slimmer than Quest 2, or even the upcoming "Project Cambria", and shows an input device attached to the user's fingertips used to interact with virtual objects inside the metaverse.

Most likely, those devices are just 3D printed models representing generic marketing concepts of what the metaverse devices might look like in the future. However, VR manufacturers have a tendency to use those models to test the potential designs of future devices, so the video might hint at Meta's design language it could use in its future hardware.

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