Microsoft Introduces Copilot, an AI Toolset for Microsoft 365 Apps

This "Clippy on steroids" is powered by Microsoft Graph and OpenAI's GPT-4.

Microsoft has unveiled Microsoft 365 Copilot, a brand-new set of AI-powered tools for Microsoft 365 applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and others, that leverages the power of large language models with your data in the Microsoft Graph to drastically improve the productivity of the tools used by millions every single day.

According to Microsoft 365 Jared Spataro, the Copilot system was designed to increase the productivity of the apps and act as an assistant, working alongside you and helping in your day-to-day activities. Spataro also noted that Copilot is more than a simple ChatGPT integration, but rather a combination of Microsoft Graph and OpenAI's GPT-4, already used by Microsoft's Bing.

In Word, for example, Copilot can add content to existing documents, summarize text, and rewrite sections or the entire document to make it more concise:

In Excel, it works alongside you to help analyze and explore your data:

Copilot in PowerPoint can transform existing written documents into decks complete with speaker notes and sources or start a new presentation from a simple prompt or outline:

Copilot in Outlook works with you in your inbox and messages so that you can spend less time on email triage and more time on communicating – better, faster, and more easily:

On top of that, Microsoft has also unveiled Business Chat, an entirely new experience that works across all your data and apps, empowering you to do things you've never been able to do before. According to the team, Business Chat works alongside you, using the power of the Microsoft Graph to bring together data from across your documents, presentations, email, calendar, notes, and contacts.

At the moment, Microsoft 365 Copilot is being tested with 20 customers, with the developers planning to expand these previews and share more on new controls in the coming months. You can read Microsoft's original announcement here.

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