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Modder Created PlayStation Handheld Out of Rare PS1 Controller

It works and looks awesome.

Image credit: Hairo Satoh

We've seen a lot of cool controllers, but this is both from the past and the future. Modder Hairo Satoh turned a rare old Takara's Roulette controller released in Japan in 2001 into a functional PlayStation handheld.

First spotted by Dexerto, the controller can handle Mega Man 8, Resident Evil Survivor, Metal Slug, and The Contra Adventure. The added LCD display, USB-C port, memory card slot, back triggers, volume wheel, and dual stereo speakers make it a valid gaming option even among current-gen Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch consoles. 

Image credit: Hairo Satoh

Image credit: Hairo Satoh

Replacing a spinner with a screen is not the extent of Satoh's capabilities. If you like this unusual device, check out the creator's Instagram, where you'll find all kinds of bizarre but fantastic consoles, phones, and Tamagotchi.

Image credit: Hairo Satoh

Image credit: Hairo Satoh

And if you want more, take a look at this Baldur's Gate 3-inspired controller that resembles the Astral Prism.

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