Netflix is Gamifying Black Mirror
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Netflix is Gamifying Black Mirror
2 October, 2018

This year we’ll witness a true game changer: interactive Black Mirror episode where we can pick out own soy choices.

Interactive nature is considered to be one of the most important characteristics of video games. However, Netflix may bring this amazing feature into TV-shows. Bloomberg reported that Netflix is working on a special episode of Black Mirror, where users will be able to choose their own endings. This is only one of the projects, which will allow for more interactivity in a traditionally very passive experience – watching TV.

The whole impact this experiment will have on the entertainment industry is staggering. Adding video-game elements into their product is a very brave move, which could potentially create a unique selling point for Netflix and increase its user base. Remember Netflix has already distrusted the cable industry with ‘binge-watching’ and ‘on-demand access’. Maybe ‘choose your own story’ TV shows is the next big step.

We’ll have to wait and see how it will turn out, but the sheer ambition of the company is something to behold.

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