Nomad Sculpt 1.79's Boolean Demonstrated

Stéphane Ginier has shared a look at the upcoming update to his sculpting and painting mobile app.

Developer Stéphane "stephomi" Ginier has shared a new demo, providing an exclusive look at the upcoming 1.79 update to Nomad Sculpt, the developer's sculpting and painting mobile app, available on Android and iOS.

Back in June, the developer published a list of 1.79's new features and improvements, announcing that the release would add a polygonal boolean and revealing that the software's Trim tool will feature "a proper boolean option".

With the new demo, the author demonstrated the promised boolean using Emmett Lalish's Manifold library, noting that it can be used with both Trim and Split tools, as well as a replacement for the Voxel boolean remeshing option. "As always, it tries to keep everything: UV, layers, but also opened holes," commented Stéphane.

"The input needs to be a watertight manifold, if there is a single nonmanifold edge or weird thing, everything can fail," the developer continued. "Nomad tries to ensure those conditions are met before the operation. But if it fails, one way to ensure a 100% watertight manifold is to use voxel remeshing."

A couple of weeks ago, Principal 3D Character Artist Vadim B, a.k.a. slipgatecentral, also showcased the capabilities of Nomad Sculpt, demonstrating a neat posable hand sculpt with instanced fingers created with the app.

The hand featured "no deformations" and consisted of "solid sculptable chunks of mesh, physically disconnected from each other, but parented for hierarchical transforms". You can learn more and check out the demos here.

And here are some great tutorials that will help you get started with Nomad Sculpt:

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