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NVIDIA CEO: We'll See Artificial General Intelligence Withing Next 5 Years

Although it depends on how you understand AGI.

Image credit: jamesonwu1972, Shutterstock

The problem of AI taking over some human jobs is as prominent as ever. However, you can't argue that this technology is not that developed to replace people and destroy civilizations. Creating more advanced AI is a crucial task researchers are working on, and one day, we might see a truly intelligent machine powered by artificial general intelligence (AGI) – "autonomous systems that surpass humans in most economically valuable tasks."

This day can come sooner than we think, according to Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA. As reported by Business Insider, during the 2023 New York Times DealBook Summit, he said that we might see AGI in several years, "depending on how you define it."

"If we define AGI as a piece of software, a computer that can take a whole bunch of tests, and these tests reflect basic intelligence, and by completing those tests deliver results that are fairly competitive to a normal human, I would say that within the next five years, you'll see AIs that can achieve those tests," he said (via The Street).

When asked if AGI would refer to AI that can design NVIDIA's chips, he agreed and added that the company's chips are possible thanks to AI already. "Software can't be written without AI, chips can't be designed without AI, nothing's possible," he concluded.

It's hard to imagine such a powerful tech is just around the corner. While ChatGPT has shaken our view on the matter, the thought of machines completing human tasks on another level is shocking and a little disconcerting. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of companies working on AGI, so maybe it is closer than we suspect. According to reports, OpenAI has made a dangerous AI discovery that could threaten humanity, a breakthrough in the search for AGI, although it's not clear what exactly.

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