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NVIDIA Reveals GauGAN 2 with Text-to-Image Feature

Create photorealistic images with just a couple of words.

NVIDIA has presented GauGAN 2, a new updated version of their wildly popular GauGAN AI. The main feature of GauGAN 2 is its ability to turn a simple written phrase, or sentence, into a photorealistic image using deep learning. All you need to do is to type a phrase and AI generates the scene in real-time. You can also add additional adjectives and the model, based on generative adversarial networks, instantly modifies the picture.

You can see some examples in the video below:

What's more, AI can be utilized to depict otherworldly landscapes. "Imagine, for instance, recreating a landscape from the iconic planet of Tatooine in the Star Wars franchise, which has two suns. All that’s needed is the text “desert hills sun” to create a starting point, after which users can quickly sketch in a second sun," NVIDIA gives an example.

"The AI model behind GauGAN2 was trained on 10 million high-quality landscape images using the NVIDIA Selene supercomputer, an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD system that’s among the world’s 10 most powerful supercomputers. The researchers used a neural network that learns the connection between words and the visuals they correspond to like “winter,” “foggy” or “rainbow," comments the team. "Compared to state-of-the-art models specifically for text-to-image or segmentation map-to-image applications, the neural network behind GauGAN2 produces a greater variety and higher quality of images."

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