NVIDIA's New AI For Creating Textured 3D Meshes From Text Prompts

The meshes come out fully textured and in great quality.

A team of researchers from NVIDIA has presented Magic3D, a brand-new text-to-3D tool capable of creating fully-textured 3D mesh models from text prompts. Utilizing low- and high-resolution diffusion priors to learn the 3D representation of the target content, the tool is able to synthesize the required high-quality/resolution 3D content, which can then be used in a variety of rendering engines, in less than 40 minutes.

Moreover, Magic3D brings a wide array of editing capabilities, which enable its users to fine-tune the diffusion models and modify parts of the text in the prompt to get an edited high-resolution 3D mesh.

"We utilize a two-stage coarse-to-fine optimization framework for fast and high-quality text-to-3D content creation," commented the team. "In the first stage, we obtain a coarse model using a low-resolution diffusion prior and accelerate this with a hash grid and sparse acceleration structure. In the second stage, we use a textured mesh model initialized from the coarse neural representation, allowing optimization with an efficient differentiable renderer interacting with a high-resolution latent diffusion model."

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