Owlboy is Getting a Release Date
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Owlboy is Getting a Release Date
25 August, 2016

Seems like in a couple of weeks at PAX West 2016 you’ll be able to finally learn, when you’ll be able to play one of the most exciting indie platformers.

According to the official Steam page of Owlboy, we’ll learn the release date of the game during PAX West 2016.

It’s been a long time coming, as we’ve soon been working 10 years on Owlboy! But now, the time is finally drawing closer to release – and this September at PAX West, we’re going to announce the release date for our game!

D-Pad Studio





Owlboy is an iconic game in indie game development community. Norwegian designers Simon Stafsnes Andersen and Adrian Bauer have been slaving on this project for over 10 years. The game features detailed pixel art animation and beautiful music from Jonathan Geer. The game is being created with the help of the custom engine, which in part explains the long development time.

Here’s a little intro to the game’s origins.

Owlboy was conceived by Simon Andersen in 2008 when he was pondering how he could make a game that could showcase the advantages of 2D over 3D. After much deliberation over the design of the game, he produced a small demo of the game together with Adrian Bauer, Jonathan Geer and Blake Edwards. The team had been working together on an RPG called Project Rhapsody until then, but Owlboy soon caught the group’s interest.

After some time of development, Jo-Remi Madsen joined the Owlboy team, and shortly afterwards the game was nominated for Excellence in Visual Art at the 2010 Independent Games Festival. Shortly thereafter, it won the Nordic Indie Sensation award at Nordic Game Awards. In 2011, Henrik Andersen joined the team, and an early demo was released to the public.

Working with the feedback from the demo, the team set out to complete the game. After a break to release Savant – Ascent in 2013, the team is now once again focused on finishing Owlboy.

Looks like we’ll be able to see the game in stores somewhere this fall.

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