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Palworld's Weapon Animations Were Made by Convenience Store Worker

It's hard to find a gun expert in Japan.

The recent hit of the gaming world, Palworld is known as "Pokémon with guns," but the story behind those guns is nearly miraculous. In his latest blog post, Pocketpair’s CEO Takuro Mizobe revealed that the weapon animations for the game were created by a self-taught 20-year-old artist with no experience in the industry, who was working part-time at a convenience store when Mizobe found them.

Mizobe explained that while Japan is famous for releasing RPG games, it is "quite difficult to hire experienced people who have created gun games." One day, he was scrolling through Twitter and stumbled upon an account that only posted gun reload animations.

"Well, to say the least, he's definitely a strange person. (It was a terrible prejudice.) But I want someone like that. People who are unusually particular about anything, not just guns, are probably different people. That's about right. I would like people who are particular about guns to make Palworld," he thought (via Google Translate).

Mizobe messaged the creator and found out that, to his surprise, they didn't have any experience in the industry and made animations as a hobby while working at a store. The CEO was astonished such high-quality projects could be done by a person who learned it by watching YouTube and soon offered them an outsourcing contract, which later turned into full-time employment.

At Pocketpair, all you need is the skill, Mizobe stated, and I think this is a great lesson for the game development industry and the business world in general where almost every job, even an entry-level one, requires prior experience.

As a result of the team's combined effort and talent, Palworld has been bought 8 million times, loved by many and probably hated by Nintendo, which is "investigating" the game

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