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Path-Traced, Unity-Powered Game Prototype With Photoreal Graphics

Awen Couëllan imagined a real-time racing game with RTX ON.

Around a week ago, Technical Artist at Light&Shadows Awen Couëllan unveiled an impressive racing game prototype created in under two months using Megascans and Unity 2023 HDRP for the studio's Vivatech 2024 booth. As showcased in Awen's gameplay demo, attached above, players were able to customize their car and then race as a miniature RC copy of the vehicle on a makeshift track made out of wood planks and traffic cones.

Recently, the artist shared an update on the project, demonstrating an upgraded, path-traced version of the game boasting photorealistic RTX ON graphics, and comparing its visuals to those of the original version. Running on a five-year-old RTX 2080 GPU, the new demo is not actually real-time; rather, it's set up to mimic real-time to demonstrate the technology's potential.

Awen further commented on the possibility of creating fully-fledged games with such graphics, suggesting that with better graphic cards and the potential implementation of real-time path-tracing denoiser into Unity, it could become a reality in the near future.

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