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Pickup Truck Configurator Set Up in Unreal Engine 5

The configurator features fully-rigged suspension, physics-based animation, and a multifunctional tailgate.

Real-Time 3D Artist Ayoub Attache, who previously demonstrated a neat setup that allowed the artist to interact with a music player UI using hand motions and managed to control the movements of a digital F-15 Fighter Jet with nothing but a phone, has recently shared a demo showcasing a brand-new Unreal-powered project.

This time, Ayoub presented an Unreal Engine 5-based pickup truck configurator that lets its creator to set up highly-realistic and physically-accurate vehicles in the engine. According to the artist, the configurator incorporates multiple interactive features, including fully-rigged suspension, physics-based animation, a multifunctional tailgate, and even a Slicing tool, which enables one to cut the car in half and see its interior parts.

"Gamification is the practice of incorporating game elements and mechanics into the design and functionality of a car configurator tool," comments the author. "Integrating gamification into a configurator allows car manufacturers to create a more enjoyable and interactive car-building experience for users, as well as aiding them in making informed decisions regarding the available features and options."

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