Pixar Papers on High-Quality Garments

Check out a couple of studies from the Pixar team, including research for Soul.

The first study explores a technique to refit garments between characters of different shapes. The team used "a novel iterative scheme that alternates relaxation and rebinding optimizations."

"In the relaxation step, we use affine-invariant coordinates in order to adapt the input 3D garment to the shape of a target character while minimizing mesh distortion," wrote the team. "In the rebinding step, we reset the spacing between the refitted garment and the character body controlled by user-prescribed tightness values." 

Learn more and find the paper here.

The second paper is focused on the art direction of Soul’s version of New York City which needed a detailed "hypertextural" style to contrast the ethereal volumetric world in the film. The film features a number of extreme closeups of main characters playing various instruments, so they needed to produce the main characters’ various garments. To achieve a highly detailed look, Pixar developed a render-time deformation pipeline for geometric thread detail. You can find the paper here.

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