Plasticity 1.2 Is Now Available

It introduces many new features and enhances surfacing workflows.

Nick Kallen has released Plasticity 1.2, a new version of the NURBS-based modeling tool, which enhances surfacing workflows and introduces a lot of new features.

The developer changed the way orbiting works: it orbits around the cursor the same way you can zoom into it. I think many users will appreciate this little detail.

But the focus of the update is surfacing. The update adds the ability to trim 3D curves at any intersection point; before, you could only do this with 2D planar curves. Now, it's possible to modify curves separately and then join them back together. "Even really complicated concave and convex surfaces can be easily patched."

According to the video above, you can now also specify continuity at the boundaries of each edge individually to quickly block in surfaces.

All the changes mentioned in the video include:

  • bridging curves
  • bridging edges
  • extending curves
  • stretching curves
  • 3D curve trimming
  • patching untrimmed curves
  • lofting/patching with advanced continuity settings
  • rapid lofting 
  • bridge surface
  • constrained surfaces
  • sweep with multiple rails
  • and more

You can get an Indie license of Plasticity for $99 to import and export STEP, OBJ, and Parasolid formats or a Studio one for $299, which will let you work with the same types plus IGES, ACIS, and Rhino formats. If you aren't sure if you'd like it, you can try it for free for 30 days.

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