PlayStation 5 Reportedly Outsells Xbox Series X|S 3-to-1

It's a successful year for Sony.

Image credit: Miguel Lagoa, Shutterstock

Everyone knows the PlayStation 5 is more popular than the Xbox Series X|S, even Microsoft itself, but you might be surprised to learn how big this gap is. 

Recently, Sony announced that it had sold 50 million PS5 copies in 3 years, adding 10 million in less than half a year. While Microsoft is not as generous with disclosing its milestones, we know that 21 million units had been bought by June.

According to the Financial Times, this means that PS5 managed to outsell Xbox Series X|S by almost 3-to-1 in 2023. At the same time, data from Ampere Analysis suggests the console market will rebound 7.2% this year to $60.9bn, after a 7.3% decline in 2022.

The market faced some supply shortages at first, but now Sony believes it's on the way to catch up with PS4, which sold over 117 million copies.

 “I think we have the ability to get there,” said Eric Lempel, head of global business at Sony Interactive Entertainment. “Demand for the [PS5] going into this year was huge . . . Momentum is strong now and it’s continuing.”

Part of the reason why PS5 does better than Xbox is probably the disappointing exclusive releases the latter offered to its players this year. Where Redfall fell through and Starfield performed worse than expected, Sony had games like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 grab everyone's attention.

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