Raphael Colantonio On Leaving Arkane & AAA

PC Gamer has recently shared a great interview with the Arkane founder. 

Raphael Colantonio founded Arkane in 1999, launched Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, then developer the bestseller series Dishonored and several sequels. Then, the studio released Prey in 2017,  and the developer decided to leave Arkane to step back from the industry and think about what is important to him and his future. The developer is now leading WolfEye Studios where he's developing an isometric action-RPG Weird West. 

Colantonio has recently joined PC Gamer for an interview to discuss his passion for games, his new project, and more. The developer also shared more details on why he left Arkane.

"I was so tired in general, I just wanted to take a break and focus on other things," Colantonio said. "So it was extremely, extremely liberating to leave a company that, in spite of all the passion and love I had for it, at the same time it had been an 18-year chunk of my life."

Colantonio noted that he still doesn't want to go back to developing big-budget games. "There was no way I wanted to come back to triple-A, making another thing where you focus 90 percent of your efforts on having the feet not sliding on the floor," said the developer. "This is not what I'm making games for."

Make sure to check out the full interview here

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