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Real-Time Starship Booster Fire FX Set Up With Niagara in UE5.3

The effect was made by Jesse Pitela.

VFX Artist and Instructor Jesse Pitela, known to many for producing insightful guides on all things visual effects, has recently showcased an incredible real-time FX created in Unreal Engine 5.3, the latest version of the renowned engine, shipped by Epic Games last week.

Leveraging the engine's Niagara Fluids plug-in, the artist has managed to set up a realistic-looking spaceship booster fire effect featuring the fire itself and the interactive smoke clouds. According to the author, the FX was made on a PC with the RTX 4090 GPU and Threadripper 3990X CPU and is primarily intended to be used for cinematics.

Earlier, Jesse also shared a free Niagara Fluids course, explaining how to create volumetric smoke and fire simulations in Unreal Engine 5. The tutorial includes four complete FX setups and is suitable for beginners. However, it's only free for a limited time, according to the website, so don't miss your chance to sign up.

And here are some of the artist's most recent works, you can check out more by visiting Jesse's LinkedIn page:

For those unaware, Niagara Fluids introduces real-time fluid effects to Unreal Engine 5. By activating the Niagara Fluids plug-in, you gain access to a variety of pre-made fluid templates that make it easy to begin creating effects such as fire, smoke, gas, and more. You can choose from 2D templates tailored for gaming performance or 3D templates optimized for cinematic production.

The fluid simulations offered by Niagara Fluids deliver natural and lifelike results, surpassing the simplicity of particle-based setups. These fluid simulations are seamlessly integrated with the Niagara infrastructure. Advanced users can customize them without the need for coding, plug-ins, or data interfaces.

Here are some great tutorials that will help you get started with Niagara Fluids:

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