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Realistic Plant Collision Logic Implemented in Unity For a Game

Kacper Szwajka continues working on his survival-strategy game.

In early 2024, Game Developer and Technical Artist Kacper Szwajka captured widespread attention within the procgen community by presenting a comprehensive breakdown of GPU-accelerated real-time procedural terrain placement in Unity, complemented by a series of mesmerizing demos showcasing the method in action.

In our later interview with the artist, Kacper clarified that the terrain placement technique described in the write-up was primarily developed to be used in his upcoming "The Forest meets Stronghold Crusader" Unity-powered survival-strategy game, described as a blend of third-person survival and classic RTS castle-building.

Since then, Kacper has been diligently working on his new game, showcasing the progress and various newly implemented features via insightful behind-the-scenes demos. Recently, diverging from procedural generation and Virtual Textures, the developer introduced a clever addition aimed at making the game feel more lifelike.

In one of his latest showcases, Kacper revealed the brand-new plant collision logic, which causes in-game plants to react in a realistic manner when touched by the player character. According to the developer, this mechanic primarily relies on a top-down Depth Map from custom colliders, supplemented by wind force which increases with player speed.

And here are some of the earlier demos shared by Kacper:

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